Radio Academy Award nominated radio presenters The Broken Hearts have hosted shows on Jazz FM, Diesel Radio and QRadio. Peppermint Candy, their primetime weekly Jazz FM show, was described by The Guardian as, "a cool swing music show hosted by two vintage style icons that will shatter all your expectations of jazz radio." Featured as Pick of the Day in the Sunday Times, each week listeners were guided through the story of swing from Ella Fitzgerald to Outkast, and inspirational guests were interviewed including legendary shoe designer Terry de Havilland, TV chef Gizzi Erskine and flavour-based designers Bompas and Parr. Their Peppermint Candy companion album, released through Universal Music, reached number 6 in the compilation charts, and is available here.


The Broken Hearts were hand-picked as part of the roster of presenters chosen to launch Q magazine’s radio station. Each episode of the Broken Hearts Mystery Hour on QRadio was themed around a different topic, from freak weather to fast food. The show was described by Lauren Laverne as “a 60-minute shimmy across a different musical landscape every week", and as “a magical treat for all our ears” by Channel 4.

Pictures by Pavla Kopecna